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My interest in homeopathy began after reading a short discussion of in something called the Whole Earth Catalog in 1972. I studied it on my own even before you could find many books on the subject. 20 years later I went to school for it for 3 years. That being said I have always found homeopathy a frustrating discipline to the point where even after all the studies I never did practice it. My results using it were just too hit-and-miss for me to feel comfortable treating other people. Consequently, it’s been something I’ve confined to using on myself and my close family members. I love the theory of it, and I know it works, but good luck finding the right remedy at the right potency even with computers and a library full of books. What I’ve always wished for with homeopathy was a simpler system and particularly one free of repertorization, which I regard as homeopathy’s weak point. Then I ran across your book on Autopathy. I ordered it immediately and read it in one evening. First, I’ll just say it’s a great book on homeopathy in general. It gets to the heart of what homeopathy is and why it works in a way I had never heard expressed before. Even after all these years I still learned some new things about homeopathy and it changed some of my perspectives on the philosophy and also what it is we are trying to accomplish with it. In many ways I gained a new respect for homeopathy from reading your book. All that being said, I have not actually tried Autopathy yet. I am hoping that it is not just another brilliant theory that yields little when applied clinically but I have great hopes for it all the same. If it works, it will be what I’ve been searching for for the last 30+ years. I know that’s a lot to ask from this humble offspring of the great Hahnemannian system but after reading this book I’m both optimistic and revitalized. Thank you for your insights and this new approach.

Scott S, Wisconsin, USA

One month latter: /…/ As for my experience with Autopathy I can tell you I feel quite different after the aggravation period. I feel cleaner and clearer, if that makes sense. I’m lighter, more energetic, and more positive as well. It’s as if a lot of heavy dark material was cleared away at some level of my being. I’d like to understand that better, the exact nature of it, but it may not be possible. Anyway, I hope this keeps up.


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